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Health & Personal
Detox guidance, protocols, and lifestyle
I am a certified Detoxification Specialist under Dr. Robert Morse, ND, and can guide you in crafting a detox/health protocol centered around a healing, nourishing diet, lifestyle, herbs, exercise, emotional well-being, and self-love. My protocols are plant-based and organic by nature but can be adjusted in any way or form to fit any individual's needs. It is my main desire that my protocols are do-able, gentle, and inspiring. If you are experiencing any form of 'dis-ease,' then detoxification is necessary.

Gardening & Yard Work
Plant and Garden Watering
I will water your house plants and/or garden when you're away. I charge 2 LifeDollars per hour. Usually watering can be done in half an hour, for 1 LifeDollar.

Children & Childcare
Waldorf-inspired childcare
I am happy to watch your child/children and nurture them with love, beauty, and my experience as both a mother and an early childhood Waldorf teacher in training.

Gardening & Yard Work
Perennial Primrose- you dig & divide
Perennial primrose- you dig & divide. Exchange includes your gifting an hour or more assisting us in our garden - a lakeside pollinator edible forest garden or assist with yard tasks- the same day you dig the primrose. We can share our wisdom & the beauty of the garden. Cellphone free zone - leave it in the car. Bring your facemask covering. Many other misc volunteer starts in the garden, including angelica, the abundance within a garden changes each day. Come bring home a few primroses for the benefit of your pollinators and your borders. +-1 LD

Gardening & Yard Work
Yard Work
Mowing, yard clean up, hauling, moss removal xxxx XXX'XXX'XXXX

Gardening & Yard Work
Permaculture concept gardening
Tree pruning, edible landscape consultations, installations and maintenance. 2LD an hour

Mac tutoring/assistance
Would you like to accomplish more on your Mac computer? Need to back up your photos, transfer to a new machine, sync your iPhone? I offer personalized, low-stress help sessions tailored to your needs. Let me answer your questions, show you simple, useful tips to make your work easier: things like 'keyboard shortcuts' to reduce mouse hand fatigue, how to organize and BACK UP your files; putting your iTunes music on your mobile device, working with Pages, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, to record and publish your creative work. Family history project? Let me help you scan old photos or slides, and guide you to create a keepsake DVD to share with the family. 1-2 LD's per hour, open to trades. Phone consultation possible too! xxxx Eduardo (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Music & Entertainment
Musical co-creation for your projects and mine
Do you want to bring your musical ideas to fruition? I love playing music and can play multiple instruments in diverse musical styles, and can learn your songs quickly. I can arrange and record your song ideas, adding guitar, bass, keyboard, drums/percussion, or vocals as desired. Rate negotiable, depending on time involved. I'm willing to trade, or charge 2 LDs for an initial 2-hr recording session. Send me a note with your needs and interests. Let's Play! (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Building Services
Remodel/ Construction
Able to do smaller scale projects at this time. Capable of most construction needs from shelves to additions! 3LD an hour

Sports & Recreation
I have a trail-a-bike in good condition, that I am no longer needing...comes with the attachment piece for your bike, so you can have a kid attached and enjoy biking together, wherever you'd like! Works on trails and roads...I hooked it up to my mountain bike and rode it around town, as well as on the public trails, when my son was younger. Still in really good condition! Open to any offer of LD's...Just want it to go to a new home where it will be enjoyed! Spring is coming! I would love for this to be getting used! Asking for 1.5 LDs or whatever you think it’s worth to you!

Professional Services
Proofreading and Editing
I offer professional and efficient editing of any amount of text, from a paragraph to a book, with quick turnaround time. Nonfiction is my specialty (including Science, Natural History, Travel, and Nature Writing), but I will proofread any piece of your writing for grammar and spelling, and offer constructive feedback on style, clarity, and organization. Open to trades, feds, or LDs, depending on time involved. Email me files or send hard copy. xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Learn Linux Mint
I have been using Linux Mint for many years. I can teach you the basics of using this superb secure and private operating system. I currently use Linux Mint 20.

Fusion Dance Lessons
I offer fusion dance group classes on occasion throughout the year and I would be happy to let anyone on Fourth Corner join the class with life dollar payments. See our website for more info on Fusion Dance and sign up for our newsletter (on the website) to get notifications about upcoming classes and events. XXXXXXXXXX

Homeschool experiential learning for kids
Let's make learning fun, meaningful, and relevant for the younger generation. Fresh-air sunshine exploring nature. Creative arts. Community building through Project-based learning. Hands-on math & science, music, art languages, much more. Kids learn more than just academics in a multi-age, small group; one-to-one tutoring also possible, based on needs and interests. 2-4 LD per 1-2-hr session, sliding scale. Certified Teacher since XXXX. Let's talk about where we want education to go.

Health & Personal
Human Design readings
I've found great value in learning my own Human Design, and doing charts for family and friends. HD takes astrology to a new level, providing insight into why you are the way you are, and what is your 'life mission.' Useful in decision-making, e.g., career, projects and relationship choices. You'll gain insight into your conscious and unconscious behaviors, preferences, ways of seeing the world, etc. I will explain your chart, which is calculated using the exact date, time, and location of your birth. Cool stuff! 1-2 LD depending on depth you want. Can be done over the phone and chart emailed to you! Call for more info.

Bread baking
I'll help you bake delicious home made breads, croissants, etc. 1 LD for a 2-hour baking session, your place or mine.

Health & Personal
Guided nature walks in the Olympic Mountains
I would delight in organizing and leading any walking trip, from short day hikes up the Graywolf River trail to longer multi-day excursions, sharing my knowledge of natural history of the Olympic Mountains. 2 LD for a guided day hike for up to 4 people, call me xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Knitting lessons
I teach knitting and would love to teach you! I can teach beginners as well as more advanced knitters who want to know how to create a specific type of garment or how to read a pattern.

Professional Services
Convert VHS video tapes to DVD
Don't toss it, convert it to DVD so you can enjoy it again! Basic conversion to digital costs 1 LD per video tape, and for an additional 1-2 LD I can also edit it, divide it into chapters, and prepare a basic DVD. Note: I have been able to save some of my favorite old shows, but some commercial tapes (like Marx Bros. I discovered) won't allow copying. Call or email for more info. xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Children & Childcare
Much of my background is in working with children and youth (outdoor education), and now I have a son, born in XXXX (=motherhood experience). I'd be happy to help with your child(ren) if you're seeking childcare in the Port Townsend area. Let's meet and see if our families are a match! We currently homeschool, and I am self-employed, so we have a semi-flexible schedule...and with this Pandemic, even more-so...I would love to help care for your child(ren) outside in the fresh air, and provide safe/fun adventure so you can have a break, do the necessary shopping, or work! So let's talk!

Music & Entertainment
Mobile recording studio
I can make a high-quality recording of your original songs or spoken words! I have recorded many of my original tunes on my portable KORG digital 16-track recording studio. Have a song idea that needs realizing? I can also advise you on production, even play guitar, bass, drums, other instruments on your recordings (trade: you to sing or play on my recorded songs). My rate is negotiable depending on how much mixing is involved. Contact me for more info. Let's have fun getting creative. (XXX) XXX-XXXX xxxx Eduardo

Arts & Crafts
Hodag Winter: a novel by Deborah Wiese
In XXXXs Wisconsin, first-grade teacher Colleen O'Hare is fired for being a lesbian and fights to get her job back. Colleen's partner, Sandra, and their friends join the fight but ultimately Colleen must face her own hodag demon. Published by Mother Courage Press. Trade paperback. .5 TD plus .3 TDs for shipping

Health & Personal
Stress relief Sound Sessions
Many scientific sources list Stress as an active part in the weakening of the immune system. Relieving emotional/physical/spiritual stress even for an hour can realign the system into homeostasis, during which the internal compass can find clarity. 1 hour sessions are $60 or 4 credits or trade for food or...

Need a Weekend or Overnight Stay in Seattle?
I have a comfortable private room with two twin beds that can be put together as a king, and a small table for a computer. Wireless access, and a shared bathroom, living room, kitchen. Near UW, Roosevelt area, and a friendly, quiet, all adult home. Available for up to three days for travelers, students, culture seekers, etc. 1 Life Dollar/day.

Professional Services
Video projects to finished products
Nowadays, it seems that anyone can 'take' videos on their phone, computer, or camera...but then what? I can help you to record, edit and share your video projects. I am happy to show you what I've learned, and willing to work with you in crafting your instructional, entertaining, or creative video. 2 LD per 90 minute session, includes time for planning/daydreaming. Let's have fun with it too! Call to discuss your ideas!

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