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Concierge Services with my Caravan
I can transport up to 7 people or make it into a cargo van with two seats up front to accomplish shopping or other tours/transport errands in the Lakeside area. Also Costco trips. You pay for fuel and my fee is 2.5 LD per hour.

Children & Childcare
Hanging out for a while with yourchildren
Can discuss details on a phone call

Health & Personal
Offered exercise machine
Bowflex resistance exercise machine. Unpowered. With user manual. Can deliver in Chimacum - Port Townsend area. XXX-XXX-XXXX Asking 6 LD, negotiable.

Professional Services
Proofreading and Editing
I offer professional and efficient editing of any amount of text, from a paragraph to a book, with quick turnaround time. Nonfiction is my specialty (including Science, Natural History, Travel, and Nature Writing), but I will proofread any piece of your writing for grammar and spelling, and offer constructive feedback on style, clarity, and organization. Open to trades, feds, or LDs, depending on time involved. Email me files or send hard copy. xxxx (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Professional Services
Video projects to finished products
Nowadays, it seems that anyone can 'take' videos on their phone, computer, or camera...but then what? I can help you to record, edit and share your video projects. I am happy to show you what I've learned, and willing to work with you in crafting your instructional, entertaining, or creative video. 2 LD per 90 minute session, includes time for planning/daydreaming. Let's have fun with it too! Call to discuss your ideas!

Organizing --Home, Office, Yard, etc
By MERYL. 1 Hour, 1 Life $. What can I say in this description except that I love to organize, and also use what seems to come naturally: spacial reasoning.

Wood Bookcase
Description: 24' length x 10' width x 30' height. Light natural finish. Holds books on 2 angled shelves. Designed for books - not useful for most other items. 2 Life Dollars. Part cash ok.

Houseplant Starts - FREE - (Aloe and more)
Swedish Ivy, Christmas Cactus, and Aloe Vera starts - free. If you've never made a houseplant before, I'll also give you pointers/suggestions of how to do it. :~]

Music & Entertainment
Acoustic guitar for live entertainment or video soundtrack
I love the creative process of music, and would be delighted to compose tunes for your video soundtrack or art project, or learn your songs. Can play many styles, from mellow 'mood music' to lively rock and folk and Latin styles at your gallery opening or other event. Will gladly accept 2 LD for a 1-2 hour gig in Port Townsend area, plus a little ferry money to get across the water if needed (negotiable). Send me a note with your needs and interests. Let's Play! (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Music & Entertainment
Coordinating Events
By MERYL. 1 Hour, 1 Life $. Coordinating, as well as organizing if desired: Workshops, family events, trainings, and the like. I am not familiar, however, with the technical side of music.

Advice, training, patient guidance
I can help folks with their current computer, phone, or internet problems. I'm great on the phone, or in person. I'm patient with our elders and their challenges. 1LD/hr is fine

Counseling & Therapy
Social Work /Mental Health Consultations and referrals
I am a retired Licensed Clinical Social Work offering consultations = resources, referrals and information; no ongoing therapy.

Business & Administration
Graphic Art & Advertising
Offering info and ideas for promoting yourself and your work. My experience in this field is pre-computer (Seriously... Imagine that!), so general PR/adversting theory and ideas rather than specific concrete products.

Digital Projector available for use Port Townsend
Epson digital projector available for your use! Connect a DVD player, or your laptop to show videos or slide shows on a big screen (not included). The very useful DOCUMENT CAMERA on its articulated arm is great for enlarging designs, making murals, maps, etc. Projector has a small speaker and a jacks for external speakers (which I can provide). 1 LD per day, or negotiate a fair rate for longer time blocks. I will give you the tutorial on using it, or if you'd prefer, I can also help you set it up and run it for your presentation (additional fee negotiable, depending on time). xxxx Eduardo (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Health & Personal
Human Design readings
I've found great value in learning my own Human Design, and doing charts for family and friends. HD takes astrology to a new level, providing insight into why you are the way you are, and what is your 'life mission.' Useful in decision-making, e.g., career, projects and relationship choices. You'll gain insight into your conscious and unconscious behaviors, preferences, ways of seeing the world, etc. I will explain your chart, which is calculated using the exact date, time, and location of your birth. Cool stuff! 1-2 LD depending on depth you want. Can be done over the phone and chart emailed to you! Call for more info.

Health & Personal
Healthcare Professional Services
A variety of healthcare services for Members of my Private Health Membership Association. Please see website: (under construction) Exchanges are negotiable based on a combination of Life Dollars and Cash, depending on time and services rendered.

Seeds for Sprouting
Clover sprouting seeds. 2 - 12 ounce packages of Country Creek Acres Clover Seeds for sprouting. Orgnanic - Non-GMO - XXX% Seed - Produced and Packaged in the USA. Purchase price was $12.99 each. Asking 1 Life Dollar or something for trade of equal value.

Professional Services
Website or biz/promotional materials editing
Hola! I can help people who are not native English speakers edit their websites and promotional materials to be understandable and correct in English. 2.5 LD/hour with a 1 hour minimum.

Children & Childcare
Child and Babysitting
If someone is looking for a causal baby/child sitter, please let me know. I am in the west end of Toronto and have a car. I am in my 30s and am educated in psychology, health studies, and psychotherapy.

Sign Language Basics (and more!)
I can teach you the basics of American Sign Language, while also making it clear what gets in the way for learning ANY new language. I was an exchange student at Gallaudet University for the Deaf (the only liberal arts college for the Deaf, anywhere. Later I became a sign language interpreter in southern Oregon.

Arts & Crafts
Knitting & Crocheting
classes or items, please contact me if you have a project for me or would like to learn!

Arts & Crafts
Beaded and Chain-link Jewelry
some items already finished or will consider new items, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and beaded bags

Dames Rockets - Tall, Beautiful, Lavender or White plants
Easy care, will spread, but very easy to dig out if they go where you don't want them! Very showy when planted en masse! They'll be showing off in my back yard in a few weeks (late May).

Moving help with my van
Moving help with my Dodge Grand Caravan - rear two seats fold into the floor creating a cargo van. LD price is for Ajijic and San Antonio. Additional peso charge for fuel beyond these villages. 2 LD/hour.

Gardening & Yard Work
Perennial Primrose- you dig & divide
Perennial primrose- you dig & divide. Exchange includes your gifting an hour or more assisting us in our garden - a lakeside pollinator edible forest garden or assist with yard tasks- the same day you dig the primrose. We can share our wisdom & the beauty of the garden. Cellphone free zone - leave it in the car. Bring your facemask covering. Many other misc volunteer starts in the garden, including angelica, the abundance within a garden changes each day. Come bring home a few primroses for the benefit of your pollinators and your borders. +-1 LD

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